Are you not motivated in the morning or too exhausted in the evening to commit to working out? How does that make you feel? Probably not very good. Now is the time to commit to living a more rewarding, healthier, happier and enriched life. Now is the time to get the body you deserve, lose weight, body fat, inches and get toned and feel sexy. I would be honored to lead you in the right direction and help you reach your goals. Call me at 614.747.1704 or click below to sign up.





Partner Fitness Challenge in the Park
Ladies bring a guest for a fun and competitive workout
in the park that includes games, relays, prizes and much more! Offered the last Saturday of every month for just $10 per person.


Refer a new personal training client or boot camper and get
10% of a session of Boot Camp or personal training.



Life Looks Better When You Do


Do you want to transform your body?


Are you looking for a better way to lose weight and inches; firm, tone and shape your muscles; feel and look better than you ever have before? Then you are at the right place!

Hi, my name is Nancy Eisenman – certified personal trainer and owner of Forever Fit Personal Training for Women. It is my profession and passion, to help women, of all fitness levels, get their bodies and minds in terrific shape. I develop individual, buddy and group fitness, exercise and nutritional programs to help you improve your overall health and wellness.

When you workout with me, you’ll have a more positive attitude; look and feel better; have more energy and stamina; and have a more productive, enriched and satisfying life.

If you are willing to put out the effort and commit the time, then you’ll get the results you’ve dreamed of, while having fun reaching your goals.



Here are some of the reasons you will

want to workout with me.

I am one of Columbus’ premier female personal trainers. I have been featured on WSYX-TV Channel 6, WBNS-TV Channel 10 and in Business First.
I offer private personal training sessions, buddy workouts or fitness boot camps for women only.
I have great instincts and intuition. I can quickly identify your strengths, weaknesses and limitations, and then determine the type of fitness program that is right for you.
I will hold you personally accountable for reaching your goals and challenge you when necessary.
You’ll receive the positive reinforcement, motivation, encouragement and nurturing that only a woman can provide.
You’ll get better results because you’re training with a woman who truly understands and cares about helping you achieve the results you’re striving for as much as you do!
I will continually provide you with health tips and advice from some of the leading experts in the medical and wellness fields.


From the beginner to the advanced, ForeverFit Personal Training for Women offers total body conditioning and interval training programs that will help you change your life forever. All workouts include a combination of the following components to maximize results and keep them interesting, fun and challenging.

Strength Training
Balance and Flexibility
Weight Loss
Nutritional Guidance
Firm, tone and tighten muscles


You’ve gotten this far, so now take the next step to a more rewarding and happier life. Call me at 614.747.1704 or email me at to set up your first appointment.


Still not convinced? Need more

information? Check out what the ladies of

ForeverFit are saying.


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Take a look at the programs I offer


Personal Training: Individualized fitness and wellness programs offering individual and buddy sessions (2 to 3 people).
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Bridal Boot Camp: A group fitness program geared toward brides-to-be, family and friends. All women are welcome. You don’t have to be a bride to join the fun.
for more information.


Better Body Boot Camp: A fun, total body conditioning workout that will burn tons of calories, blast fat and get you firm, toned and sexy.
for more information.


Fitness in the Park: An outdoor boot camp and group fitness program for men and women. Fitness in the Park is held at various local parks throughout Columbus. Location information will be posted on my website each week.
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After Baby Boot Camp: For mom’s who are looking to get back that before-baby body. CLICK HERE for more information.


Teen Fit Boot Camp: For tweens and teens ages 10 to 18.
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Corporate Boot Camps and Personal Training: If your company has an in-house fitness facility we can develop personal training or boot camps for employees.
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Boot Camps for Charity: We develop fundraising and charitable giving events using our boot camps as a model.
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Nutritional Guidance: A total review of you current diet, calories and eating habits. That information will be used to retool and change your nutritional strategy. We’ll determine what you should eat and how often you should be eating.


Healthy Lifestyle Consulting: Offering health and wellness tips and easy ideas you can implement toward living a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Nancy Eisenman
ForeverFit Personal Training
for Women
Certified Personal Trainer




What is Central Ohio saying about Nancy?

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Female Focus

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Columbus Business First Journal






Working out does work!

Getting in shape and staying in shape has many more benefits than just looking good. It also affects your overall mental state-of-mind, your general outlook on life and allows you to handle stress, and feel more confident and energetic.


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“I tried losing weight for years, but with little or no success. Since I started working out with Nancy, I’ve lost over 30 pounds, lost inches and lowered by total body fat and my body mass index is where it should be. Today, I feel better and younger than I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s true, Life Looks Better When You Do.”


- Dr. JoAnn Rohyans, 63 Pediatrician.