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Lose and keep off weight...Trim Body Fat...Increase Energy...Gain Self Confidence...Get Inspired by Others...Get Motivated by Others...Fire up your bodies fat-burning furnace.....Discover what, when, and how to eat...Follow a Proven "Program" that everyone loves..and gives you guaranteed results...


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At Better Body Boot Camp, I will teach you the hot ways to burn more calories while learning how to properly perform each exercise safely because form is so important when exercising for two reasons:

1. Proper form will prevent injury and strain and...
2. Proper movement ensures that you are using the muscles that we are trying to work. Incorrect movement will not allow for the best results possible!

Training your body and mind to change its negative habits will allow you to become smarter and stronger. This is one of the most important things I teach at Better Body Boot Camp.

But that's not all..here are just a few things you will discover after joining Better body Boot Camp:


Develop toned, healthy, good -looking muscles quickly!
How to exercise for maximal results!
Make good food choices easier!
How to stay MOTIVATED
Plan for a lifetime of being fit and lean
Super-charge your metabolism so that you're burning more calories 24-hours a day!
The benefits of a healthy body helps you handle stress easily and positively
We'll develop a nutrition plan to help increase energy and performance
Increase your self esteem to stand up for yourself and stand by your decisions - take control of your unhealthy habits
The ambition and motivation to want to WORKOUT and EXERCISE, to "kick butt" in everything you do
and much more...


As a certified personal trainer and expert in women's fitness, my life's work, passion and privilege and is to help women transform their bodies so they will feel empowered, better about themselves and improve the quality of their life. I too struggled with my weight for years until a friend of mine dragged me to my first aerobics class in Los Angeles many years ago. It was tough but I kept going and something clicked after a month or two. I was hooked. I started losing weight and inches and suddenly I couldn't wait to get to the next class. Aerobics was very "in vogue" back then and the only women strength training with weights were those body builders that looked outrageous to me. That aerobics class led me to running and step aerobics, yoga, pilates and I even became a fitness instructor when I moved to Columbus. I wanted to share my love and "feel great" experience and knowledge with everyone. A few years ago, I decided to get my personal training certification and start my own company, ForeverFit, Personal Training for Women. I have since expanded to offering boot camps for women because they are so much fun, affordable, effective and very results driven


The Awesome Power of Better Body Boot Camp!

All fitness levels are welcome.

Class Schedule, Location & Cost

Better Body Boot Camp classes run every month but you can sign up any time.

Attend up to 3 times per week including Saturday.

Monday & Wednesday 6-7 pm

Saturday 9:30 am

$50 per month Attend up to 3x per week

Class Passes: Great option for individuals who schedule is unpredictable and may have trouble attending all classes during one session. Purchase a 10 class pass for $130. (passes are good for two months and you only get docked for classes you attend).

One Class: $15


Restrictions:  Missed classes can be made up at any of the other boot camp locations and days including Saturday. If you know in advance you will be unable to make a class(es) due to a vacation or work, please let me know in advance so we can make proper arrangements.

Here's what to do next to register OR if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact me at 614-747-1704
or Email at foreverfitpt@aol.com