What you can expect

Every program I develop for my clients will incorporate these proven fitness techniques, which will add value to your workouts while making it challenging and fun.

Cardio, Endurance and Stamina
Core Training
Strength Training
Turbo Training
Flexibility and Balance
Goal planning and timeline
Fitness Assessment and Ongoing Evaluations
Program Diversification


ForeverFit Cost Schedule
For men, women and teens

$35 One hour individual session (at our studio)
$25 Per person - one hour buddy or small group session (1 + people)
$50 One hour individual personal session (at your home or office)

$30 One hour individual session (if you train at least twice a week)

Cash or checks accepted.

Important information, please read:

*If you are 15 minutes late, for example, you will only receive a 45 minute workout on that day. If you are running late, I would greatly appreciate a phone call. As important, if you must cancel your appointment – irrespective of the reason – I would greatly appreciate a 24-hour notice so that I can fill your spot or rearrange my schedule.
**Drive time distance – no longer than 15 minutes. Longer drive times will increase hourly rate.


Other services available

Small private group sessions – three or more people – email or call for more information

The benefits of a personal trainer

The benefits you’ll realize from working out with me are endless. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

A higher level of self esteem, confidence and pride
Decrease body fat
Weight loss
Toning, shaping and tightening muscles
Increased energy and stamina
An improved quality of life
Stress relief
Improved posture
Decreased back pain
Feeling healthier
Feeling sexier



Other special services available
Small Group Training (Your group of 3 or more for fitness and fun). Please call or email Nancy to set up these special arrangements.





I am a newbie to ForeverFit and have lost 12 lbs since starting three months ago. I now look forward to working out and getting on the scale. ForeverFit is very affective and affordable. Nancy is awesome. Highly recommended
Kerry, 31



I have battled with my weight for about 5 years. I have joined and quit several gym programs, innumerous diet systems with no success. I had a hard time sticking with any specific program. I decided to try personal training and found ForeverFit which works with women of all age groups and fitness ability levels. What I love about working out with Nancy is the realistic and different workouts made especially for me, goals created that are achievable. I started to become more aware I what I ate and how much I ate – portion control! Finally I lost 15 lbs and ForeverFit was the reason. Having a personal trainer to go to and check up on me to see my progress was a huge motivation tool to keep me interested in the program. Personal Training is the most effective way to meet your fitness goals and ForeverFit did it for me. Nancy - you are the best!
Zara, 43


I’ve been doing personal training with Nancy since 2007. I’m a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and my ForeverFit workouts have helped me stay at my goal weight while increasing my strength, especially core, balance and flexibility all while having a great time. I have a busy schedule so I needed someone who had flexible time slots and a convenient location. Since I have access to a gym at work, not needing or wanting another gym membership, getting top-notch personal training from Nancy is great. I’ve recommended Nancy to my friends, many of who are now her clients.
Emily, 32


It's not only a a Lifestyle change but its a way of life. You have to be ready for the impact of the physical and mental changes that come with working out with Nancy.
Korir, 42


I did personal training for a very fair price once or twice a week for about seven months. Nancy significantly helped me achieve my personal goals for toning, eating healthier and weight loss. She is a tough cookie but really motivates you and has great music! I would recommend this to anyone in need of some serious motivation and variety in their workouts.
Brittany, 21



I had just gone through four deaths in the year 2009. I went to a grief counselor looking for “happy pills” (I’m from the instant gratification generation, the 70’s). She told me no, and recommended that I get moving and get into shape, body and mind. I was very overweight. With a heavy heart, I did as she told me to and I must say, not only was my grief easier to handle, so were all the other stresses in my life. I have lost over 55 lbs and have kept it off. I have gone from a size 16/18 to a comfortable size 10 and feel great! I have strength of body and mind that I never had before and much more confidence in myself. I now have the tools to keep myself in shape if I can’t make it to workout sessions. ForeverFit is the place to workout and Nancy not only pushes you but she supports you in all you do with your fitness and life goals. I would recommend her to anyone that would like a boot camp or a personal trainer.
Cindy, 51


Nancy is a very dedicated and professional trainer who offers both expertise and variety to a workout. I worked with Nancy for 6 months and I am still following the program that she developed for me. I have a bad knee with no cartilage and Nancy helped to strengthen it. Both my balance and core strength improved greatly. Nancy’s workouts are hearty and fun!
Sue, 56



Before and After Photos


Emily- before



Emily- after

Narmina- before


Narmina- after


Cindy- before


Cindy- after


In one year Cindy has lost an incredible 60 lbs and went from a size 16/18 to size 8.
12% body fat
10" in her waist, belly & hips


Sammie- before


Sammie- after

Since March 2010 Sammie has lost 20 lbs
Reduced her body fat by 6%
Lost 10" overall

Nancy- before


Nancy- after


Nancy has lost 20 lbs and lots of inches. She has achieved incredible fitness and strength.


You inspire me to be better, to push myself to that next level. I feel the progress, even if the scale does not agree with me
Jennifer Sawchuk, Battelle Employee



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