“I tried losing weight for years without any success. Since I started working out with Nancy, I have lost over 24 pounds and lowered my total body fat. I feel great!"
            - Dr. JoAnn C. Rohyans, 61


“I am noticeably stronger and more toned since I started training with Nancy. My workouts are always fun, different and challenging. Just the way I like it!"
            - Ann Louise Sumner, 33
              Principal Research Scientist


“Nancy, you've been amazing. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. I feel more energetic and stronger after my workouts and I can even see my biceps and triceps now!"
            - Aleca Bryan, 27


“Not only has Nancy changed the way I look at working out and health, she’s changed the way I look at myself. I feel as though I can do anything the stronger I get.”
            - Cindy


“I love being outside and getting a total body workout. Fitness in the Park is a great way for me to start my day.”
- Sherry Lazear

“Fitness in the Park is awesome! It’s a great workout for everyone and for every fitness level.”
- Ellen Mendel


I am a newbie to ForeverFit and have 15 pounds since starting 4 months ago. I now look forward to working out and getting on the scale. ForeverFit is very effective and affordable. Nancy is awesome. Highly recommended!
November 2010

I have been battling my weight for about five years. I have joined and quit several gym and diet programs with no success. I had a hard time sticking with any specific program. I decided to try personal training and found ForeverFit, which works with women of all age groups and fitness ability levels. What I love about it? Realistic and different workouts made especially for me; goals created that are achievable. I started to be more aware of what I ate and how much I ate – portion control!! Finally, I lost 15lbs and ForeverFit was the reason. Having a personal trainer to go to and check up on me to see my progress was a huge motivation tool to keep up with her program. Personal Training is the most effective way to meet your fitness goals, and ForeverFit certainly did that for me. Nancy - you are the best!
November 2010

I did personal training for a very fair price once or twice a week for around seven months. Nancy significantly helped me to achieve my personal goals for toning, eating healthier and weight loss. She is a tough cookie, but really motivates you and has great music! I would recommend this to anyone in need of some serious motivation and variety in their workouts.
B. Sillasen
September 2010

I’ve been doing personal training with Nancy since 2007. I’m a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, and my ForeverFit workouts have helped me stay at my goal weight, while increasing my strength (especially core), balance, and flexibility all while having a great time. I have a busy schedule, so I needed someone who had flexible time slots and a convenient location. Since I have access to a gym at work, not needing an additional gym membership to get top-notch personal training is great. I’ve recommended Nancy to my
friends, many of whom are now clients.
Emily P.
August 2010

Nancy is SO fantastic! She has been such an amazing supporter and guide and I enjoy her so much that I plan to continue working with her even after I reach my goals! She’s the best.
Anonymous 2010

Nancy helped me get back to my pre-baby weight after I had my first baby. I weighed less, but had more muscle tone, and tons of energy. She infuses the right mix of cardio and weights and works with each individual to meet her individual health and fitness goals. I’ve taken what I’ve learned with me from Nancy as I have since moved from Ohio to California. I am certainly not intimidated going to the gym out here in California where all of the “beautiful people” work out. Couldn’t have done it with you, Nancy.
Rachel Sell
December 2010


Before and After Photos


Emily- before


Emily- after



Emily- after

Narmina- before


Narmina- after


Cindy- before


Cindy- after


Since September 2009
Cindy has lost 53 pounds.
Lost a total of 43 inches overall
Reduced her body fat by 12%


Nancy- before


Nancy- after


Since March 2010 Nancy lost 16 lbs
Went down two dress sizes
Lost 4% body fat
3" in her waist & belly
3 1/2 " in her hips


Sammie- before


Sammie- after

Since March 2010 Sammie has lost 20 lbs
Reduced her body fat by 6%
Lost 10" overall


Boot Camps

by ForeverFit




Bridal Boot Camp Testimonials


“I absolutely love Bridal Boot Camp and Nancy is great! The classes are reasonable and I can safely say that she has us breaking a sweat 5 minutes into the hour long class. She doesn’t push TOO hard – just hard enough that you feel a “good” sore the next day.

I am definitely recommending Bridal Boot Camp to all my girlfriends and co workers.”

Amy Hansen
Wedding date: 6/18/10

“I love your class! I think it’s just what I need to get back into shape in time for my wedding! I also love your approach to teaching. I’m so glad that you don’t yell at us and that you didn’t push any of us to the point of getting sick. I was scared to death to come to the first class because I thought for sure that that’s what I’d be in for. I really think you instruct with a nice balance of “seriousness” and “buddy-ness”. I have confidence that you know how to help me reach my goals and you won’t kill m in the process.”
Julie Clemens
Wedding date: 3/13/10


"Great workout tonight, love your creativity!"
Amanda Cain



Mary Ellen O'Kelly


"I have never been so scared to start a program called "boot camp" in my life. I had not exercised for two years due to my mom's death and my lack of interest in everything. When I saw this program called "Bridal Boot Camp" and I realized I was going to be a bride at 59 years of age, I decided to give it a try! I didn't know if I could keep up with the "younger brides", however, I can't wait for each class AND I feel so much healthier - emotionally as well as physically. I am so proud to be a part of this class! Nancy is such an inspiration and doesn't put up with "wimps"!"
Mary Ellen O'Kelly, 59 years young (bride to be)


I have been working out with Nancy for five months and am having so much fun in Bridal Boot camp! It truly is the first program that I have stuck with and love. Nancy is so motivating and always pushes me to give 100%. The workouts are challenging and always changing. The best part of boot camp is being able to catch up with other brides and getting inspiration from them too!
Linnea Hedlund, June 2011


Linnea- before




Linnea- after

Julie- before



Julie- after

Suzanne- before


Suzanne- after


Amy- before



Amy- after

Heather- before


Heather- after


Lauren- before



Lauren- after

JoVanna- before




JoVanna- before



JoVanna has lost:
10 lbs
5% body fat
2" waist
3" belly
2" hips
2" legs


Bridal boot camp was just what I needed to get back into working out. I love how every class is different and it's never boring. I have lost inches and have much more strength and endurance now. I would recommend bridal boot camp to brides of all fitness levels!
JoVanna Bianco



Thanks again for all of your help and sorry to be such a problem-child! If I look slim that is all your doing...we are always more critical of ourselves but I am positive that I couldn't have made it there or fit into my dress without your help! You have been so wonderful to my sister and I over the last few months...we cannot thank you enough!






Katie Ball-Marks





On the last Saturday of the month, during the warmer months, we have a "Partner Fitness Challenge". Boot Camp participants invite their husbands, boyfriends, fiances or friends to join them in the park for fitness, fun and games! It's a great time for everyone!