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Being pregnant and giving birth is the most incredible and wonderful experience in a woman’s life. I know because I am a mom of two. Along with that incredible experience comes many challenges. Your time and energy are consumed taking care of a baby whom is totally dependent on you for everything. One of the biggest challenges women face is losing their baby weight and getting back into pre-baby physical shape. I know first hand how difficult and frustrating losing the weight and getting back into shape can be.

That is why I’ve have created After Baby Boot Camp (ABBC). ABBC is a workout designed specifically for busy moms who have limited free time to get the best, most efficient and effective one-hour workout possible. ABBC is a fun, innovative workout designed specifically for moms with their babies. Bring your baby, hands free baby carrier (optional), towel and water.

I am certified in pre- and post-natal exercise and will use my knowledge and experience to guide you through workouts that will gradually reshape, tone and strengthen all of those areas, which have been affected by nine months of pregnancy.

For moms looking to get back that pre-baby shape, After Baby Boot Camp may be just what you need to get inspired and motivated to realize your dreams.

After Baby Boot Camp, like the other boot camps offered by ForeverFit, is a total body conditioning and interval training program that is designed to help you look and feel better than you ever have before. After Baby Boot Camp is designed for women of all fitness levels – from the beginner to the advanced. All workouts include a combination of the following components to help maximize results and keep them interesting, fun and rewarding.

Strength Training
Balance and Flexibility
Firm, tone and tighten muscles
Weight Loss
Nutritional Guidance

How to Register:Please complete the online registration form. I will contact you once your registration form is
received regarding payment. Payment can be made by cash, check (made payable to Nancy Eisenman) or you can send money from your Paypal account to mine.

I also like to meet all of my boot campers prior to their first class to get your pre-class body weight, measurements and
discuss your goals. These meetings are very brief lasting only 30 minutes.

If you know in advance that you will miss certain classes, please let me know so I can prorate the amount due. I try to be as flexible as possible understanding that vacation time is upon us now and people’s schedules vary.

One make up class permitted per session. This applies only if you were able to make just one class on a given week. You can make up a class at any of my boot camp locations.