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DIY Fitness Equipment You Didn’t Know You Had!

We have come to a stage where we are readily looking for a substitution for almost everything, and that is what makes the idea of DIY trending. It is something really great if you are making something at home while all your friends and neighbors are running to the nearest stores or stopping at expensive malls to buy the same. But the list here is something you never expected. We are listing some of the things that you can quickly convert into fitness tools, and the best part is that you already have them at home.


Best DIY Fitness Equipment:

Frozen Water Bottles:

Not all fitness properties and exercises that we use today aim at reducing the weight. In fact, most of them are intended towards maintaining the health of your body and keeping the blood circulation well. This is what is done with frozen bottles. Place the bottles on the floor and your feet on it. Then move your feet back and forth along with the bottle. When the foot gets cold, it re-warms again, and the blood circulation gets better. It also reduces signs of inflammation and keeps you healthy. Make sure that you sit while you do this or go one foot at a time. We do not want you to look like a clown performing on a bottle, losing balance and skating all around.

Stack of Books:

Do you have a lot of unused hardbound books at home? It’s high time you put them to use again. These can be used as properties to increase the size of your biceps. They are your instant dumbbells. Next time you feel like stretching your arms grab a book and go ahead with it. These books can also be put to use the other way round. Take few books and pile them up in two back. Carry the bags in one hand each and do it a few times again. Great! Now you have a means to use your old books. Stay guilt-free.


Ok, this DIY is for the ones who are into weight training. You need not have to invest all your money in sandbags. Make your own sandbags at home. All you need are some trash bags, duct tape, filler, rope and some laundry canvas bags. Fill the trash bags with sand and seal them up. Sand is the most preferred filler. Once you have small packs of sand ready, fill them into the canvas bag that you have and tie the loose ends. Make sure that there are no spaces between the small sands packets that are inside. You do not want your bag to look weak and saggy.

Suspension Straps:

Most exercise freaks are bats in nature. They are extremely obsessed with working out that they hang anywhere and everywhere to make sure that there arm muscle are in the right place. These people get highly disappointed when they do not find a place to do pull-ups. So to quench this weird habit of theirs we have a quick and an easy solution. Carry a suspension strap where ever you go. Tie it somewhere high and make sure that you have done it strong enough. That’s it, and you are ready to go.

Rowing machine:

Now, this is going to take a bit of time to make and might seem difficult. But it not as complicated as it looks. You can build your own rowing machine. Go for a budget-friendly version. You are not going to spend more than $50. A rowing machine has to be built in 120 degrees ‘L’ shape wooden structure that should approximately weigh around 10 pounds. This is going to support a low-impact workout highly.

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